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You Ever Feel Like There is a "Gap"...

You ever feel like there is a “gap”? You keep telling yourself once you do this last thing that “gap” will be filled and you will know that it was all “worth it”. Then you reach that goal, that promotion, that income, that title and it feels good for a little bit… then after a week or two. Uh oh, there is that “gap” again. 

It is that “gap” that makes you wonder if something is just wrong with you. “Why can’t I just be happy, satisfied, fulfilled like most people say I probably should, look at all I have accomplished, look how blessed I am”…”but why does it kind of feel all empty?” 

I have been there before, a few times to be honest. So what did I do? Well, at first I would just look for the next thing to be good at, get another accolade, certification, a few pats on the back and compliments then….rinse and repeat. I am pretty stubborn huh? Haha.

The thing that I was missing in the whole picture, the thing that I was missing that created that gap was… well… me. “What are you taking about brother?”

Stick with me, I will try to explain.

While I was out there doing “good” I never paid attention what I truly wanted, what really drove me, who I was as a person, or what I needed to be truly happy. I lived by a high standard, and treated people well. I was seen as a leader and I loved my family, but it was never enough. There is a certain level of clarity and connection to our authentic self that can not be ignored if we want to have that inner peace and fulfillment.

Once you get to that point, all the titles, roles, awards get put in the right perspective. Your relationships are more rewarding and passionate. You become a stronger leader, because it is easier to connect with people. The best part is you start to see what you are really made of and realize you can accomplish more than before, but THIS time the whole journey of the success means something.

And that is just a glimpse of what you can do by making this shift. Trying to check all the boxes isn’t helping fill that “gap”, are you ready to build from within?

Suzanned F. D.

Real Estate

"He is so good at what he does I didn't want to stop talking to him. He helps you look at yourself and peel back the layers to see what could possibly be holding you back in pursuit of whatever you are going after. He has left an impact on me that even helps me when he is not around. I definitely recommend him for coaching."

Brendan D.

Integration Specialist

"Realistically, he has been the biggest influence on me personally and in my career... out of anyone I have ever met. I can't think of a better way to get better at anything you want to get better at than with Naphtali's help."

James M.


"He empowers me to make decisions and become a true professional and learn what leadership really means. He is one of the greatest, nicest most genuine people I have ever met. He has helped me grow personally and professionally. He enabled me to believe in myself to be greater."

Scott M.

Director of Operations

"Naphtali is an invaluable wealth of knowledge and support. I can directly point to more than a dozen unique scenarios where he knew where I would end up and how before I was finished even telling him what the problem was. He listens with an emblazoned passion to help for no other reason than to see you succeed."

Nick C.


"One thing I can say about Tali is that he is authentic and has a great heart. He wants to help people and he practices what he preaches. He is a person that invest in himself to always try to get better."

John Doe

Holistic Coach

"He has a unique style and he has helped me uncover and break through many limiting beliefs that have been keeping me from success"

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